Gardening – July 2017 – Issue 265


Garden Party in a Hanging Basket By Deirdre Prince

The purists in the gardening world, deride hanging baskets in the garden, but for many it is the essence of summer!

A colourful riot of flouncy petals dangling precariously from a wicker frame, reflects this exuberant, sunny season. Once you take care of a few basics, your hanging basket should provide you with many months of enjoyment throughout the summer months.


Hanging baskets can get quite heavy so using a lightweight soil is important. It needs to do two jobs; It needs to be able to retain water and drain well. Mixing in some water retention granules will ensure that there is enough moisture for the roots and granular feed to make sure the plants will have enough nutrients to grow.


Where you place your basket is very important. Is it in a sunny or shady spot? How will it be viewed? Will it be hung high or low?

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