Ask the Expert – May 2019 – Issue 287


Ask the Expert

Neil Mathews Architects, established in 2006 and based in Belfast, delivers projects across Ireland and further afield in Scotland, London and France. Here, Neil gives his insight into the current trends for renovation and helpful tips for the homeowner.

We see a trend emerging of homeowners who appreciate detail and who place a priority on extension and renovation as opposed to searching for a bigger home. As architects, we cater for that traditional demand too of course, but it’s pleasing to note the care that our clients employ in extending and improving instead of moving. They appreciate what they have and how to make the most of it.

Detail means a lot. We all touch, see and feel a door handle or a tap, a drawer or a worktop every day many times. We see light and enjoy a view from our homes every day, and the better quality the windows through which we see it, the better the experience.

Structural glazing is something that we have worked with for decades, but it is growing all the time in popularity. A conservatory is always either a freezer in the winter or an oven in the summer, but the use of natural light is something that clients are becoming a lot more attuned to of late, and we’re glad to see it. With continually improving technology, thermal performance gets better, spans get bigger and frames get thinner – all of which is good news for our projects.

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