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Author, podcast host and online content creator Joanne Larby is originally from Dublin.

But tells us more about the favourite room in her new home located on the beautiful coastline of rural West Cork.

Which room in your home is your favourite and why?

The living room is my favourite space to quite literally ‘live in’. We have an open-plan living space downstairs so it gets ample light, is a lovely entertaining area and the perfect place to get cosy by the fire or watch the weather change. When we first viewed the house it was a room that really stood out; it lies within the original farmhouse and has thick textured walls, high exposed monochromatic beams, a beautiful fireplace and nice angular features.

Who designed this room and what inspired them/you?

This room was pretty much a blank canvas when we moved in. I wanted to create more light on the far side so we added a large black metal lattice mirror that reflects the view behind bouncing it back into the room, it also mirrors the window shape beside it. We designed an olive green 10 x 7 Chesterfield style sofa and matching footstool with Navan Sofa Factory that has a low 70’s style back, curvy arms and lots of cushions for comfort. The floor was quite cold so we added an extra large shaggy chevron rug for warmth and texture. For lighting we went with a freestanding lamp and Moroccan shades that bounce the light across the ceiling in the evening. The cushions and throws vary in pattern and colour from pinstripe to powder pink. I love following interior podcasts Mad About The House and Come Down To The Woods and certainly took inspiration from their style.

Do you have a favourite detail/piece in the room?

In terms of details, I adore the corner view from the couch. To the left there’s a fiddle leaf fig tree and bespoke lamp we had made. The lamp is by an Irish company called Copperfish Studios with a 300 year old timber base, copper piping and oval shaped exposed bulb. To the right beneath the TV we have a bespoke chair again created with Navan Sofa Factory. It’s a powder pink armchair with a scalloped back, similar to a shell (a nod to our ocean view and love for the beach), it swivels 360-degrees and is styled with a spruce green throw. To add some earth and warmth the fireplace is filled with chopped wood; a nice simple way to bring the outdoors inside.

Is there anything you would like to change in this room?

As mentioned, the original farmhouse walls are beautiful and thick, which give a really cosy warm feel. However, the texture and width works best with white and black meaning the space is limited to monochrome paint (with pops of colour elsewhere). I would love to play around with a dark and moody living space at some point. I would also love more rustic flooring.

How does this room reflect your personal style?

I have quite a quirky personality and I feel this room really emulates that. From the olive green and powder pink shades, it’s bold and bright similar to my own wardrobe and style. I love art and this room contains my most precious piece so far; an original John Lennon print from Rock Paper Film. I have a huge passion for music so it’s nice to combine two loves in one piece.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to create a similar space to yours?

Don’t be afraid to have fun. A living space needs to be comfortable and cosy with elements that become talking  points when you have guests over. Although green and pink may seem like an unusual combination, the colours work well by almost contrasting. Play around with combinations and be sure to tie them together with throws and rugs for texture. With the white walls and black beams, the colours add a necessary pop and metallic elements like the gold Moroccan lanterns and lamp add a little luxury and warmth.


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