Galway Home – August 2024 – Issue 348


Stunning Shoreline Renewal

When designer Lynne O’Loughlin of Tripod Design undertook the renovation of her parents’ new home in Galway, she aimed to create a comfortable, modern, and energy-efficient retreat.

The designer’s goal was to create a space that would cater to her parents’ needs in their retirement. This extensive project involved transforming a three-bedroom detached dormer property with a sea view into a haven that combines aesthetics with function. Lynne’s parents, both in their 70s, had spent their lives in Limerick, caring for her grandmother who lived to be 100 years old. ‘My grandmother lived until she was 100 and mum wouldn’t have left Limerick if she was still her carer. She was a brilliant woman,’ Lynne shares. After her passing, they decided to make the long-desired move to a coastal location. ‘It was a big move for them, moving counties and moving house. Both in their 70s, they hoped to enjoy their new life by the sea,’ Lynne continues.

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