Dublin4 Home – August 2024 – Issue 348


A Renewed Vision

In Dublin 4, history is reborn as a former eye clinic transforms into two stunning homes. We step inside one of them – 2A, The Wellington. This home is a treasure trove of history – a former eye clinic transformed into a sanctuary of modern luxury.

Owned by Dr. Frank Lavery, the man behind the former clinic, and his wife Lana, this renovation is a remarkable metamorphosis and very much a vision in itself. It was 50 years ago when Frank Lavery stumbled upon what was a coach house — a modest abode that would become the cornerstone of his illustrious career. ‘It’s very central, literally 10 minutes’ walk to the main shopping area, close to all the pubs, everything is there,’ he begins. ‘I bought it, then doubled the coach house in size to make it a larger eye clinic.’

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