Gardening – January 2018 – Issue 271


Making an Entrance into your Garden

How you access your house or garden is very important. The entrance to a garden can create intrigue and mystery. A gateway can be tantalising, luring one through to discover what floral splendour awaits.

If your garden is large enough, you can break it up into ‘rooms’, making the entrances with arches or gateways. Simple willow arches are a great way of marking entrances into separate areas such as vegetable beds.
Forming an arch through a hedge, such as this Yew hedge, creates a sense of mystery and suspense. It will take a few years to complete but it is definitely worth it. Bending trees or shrubs to form an archway is also a very effective way to create a portal to create a wow-factor. They can even be purchased pre-formed from many good garden centres.

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