Kilkenny Home – May 2024 – Issue 345


Inviting The Outdoors In

This charming two-bed, one-level chalet in Kilkenny, has been impeccably renovated to illustrate homeowner Niamh’s love for the natural colour palette of the great outdoors.

Just a short walk from Kilkenny town and surrounded by lush greenery, this over 20-year-old home underwent a remarkable transformation beginning in December 2019, when health professional and business owner Niamh purchased the property. ‘The previous owner, an elderly lady, had left a legacy that didn’t quite align with my tastes,’ Niamh begins. ‘Buying this house in 2019 was like discovering a hidden gem in Kilkenny and although the style wasn’t to my taste, I felt this urge to breathe new life into it.
It reminds me of an estate in Melbourne, where I lived before, that’s really why it grabbed my attention.’

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