Trends – October 2019 – Issue 292


On the Horizon

What’s on the horizon in the world of home interiors? Get ready to embrace turquoise, fringing, velvet and metallic, just to name a few.


Turquoise, or AI Aqua in the tech world, is going to be a huge trend in 2020. Inspired by advances in technology and building on from the popular neo-mint trend, this positive colour has a futuristic and innovative feel. This trend will be brought to the fore with the release of Avatar 2.

This special combination of blue and green is known for it’s invigorating, cooling and calming qualities. It is also fun and uplifting, youthful and sporty. It enhances communication and creativity and is a great stress reliever.

Turquoise is ideal for small rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. As a wall colour, a soft turquoise can make a room appear larger and creates a refreshing yet calm appearance. Brighter turquoise can be introduced in the linen and accessories. Already popular within the world of fashion and tech, AI Aqua is going to be taking our homes by storm.

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