Interior Dilemma – November 2023 – Issue 339


Interior Dilemma

Interiors Association member Gwen Kenny of Divine Design offers her expert advice.

Q: I’m renovating a period home with large rooms and high ceilings. I want to create warmth and interest. What are my options?
A: When you’re looking at wall treatments in a period home, the first step is to see if any of the original interior architecture fittings have survived. These could include dado rails, picture rails, shutters, mouldings, coving and cornicing. If they’ve been removed or damaged, consider restoring or replacing them as they will add interest to the wall and open up possibilities with the paintwork. A wall can be the same colour above and below a picture rail, or the ceiling can be painted in a lighter shade. Try bringing the ceiling colour down to the picture rail, with a darker shade below. In my world, the plasterwork should almost always be brilliant white. If the coving is clogged with layers of paint, consider stripping it back to showcase the details.

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