Heating – October 2019 – Issue 292


Turn up the Heat

As winter approaches, it’s time to add heat to your home and create a cosy atmosphere.


Chris Baines, Managing Director of Mendip Stoves:

Technology in stoves has moved towards greater efficiency in recent years. Many stoves now have a sophisticated air wash system, where once the fire is properly alight, preheated, secondary air is sourced from above the fire-bed, which ‘washes’ down the glass to provide the oxygen to keep the fire burning, which also has the effect of keeping the glass front clean.

Other stoves rely on tertiary air, which comes in at the back of the appliance, to re-ignite the remaining gas, which provides a much cleaner burn, with fewer emissions and a much higher efficiency.

A well insulated chamber means the firebox can burn at a higher temperature, again giving better combustion and the same eco-friendly credentials. Finally, some stoves now come with catalytic converters – just like a car! This honeycomb shaped metal, when up to temperature (approx. 200°C), will cause a chemical reaction, which converts the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, once again reducing particulates and unburnt carbon.

EcoDesign is a new standard, approved by European countries, including the UK, which is due to be implemented in 2022. However, many manufacturers have pre-empted this standard, and now manufacture EcoDesign ready stoves. These stoves have all been tested by an independent test laboratory, and will emit approximately 80 per cent fewer particles than a stove manufactured 20 years ago, and approximately 90 per cent fewer than an open fire. Along with burning very low (less than 20 per cent) moisture wood, this will ensure that your stove is as eco-friendly as possible.

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