Gardening – June 2024 – Issue 346


Cultivating a Floral Feast

This issue our gardening expert Conrad McCormick discovers a feast for the eyes and the plate with edible flowers.

There’s been a trend that’s blooming everywhere – edible flowers, you’ll see them adorning your plate in restaurants up and down the country and many foody magazine shoots will feature a sprinkling of blooms across both sweet and savoury dishes. Imagine your flower garden not just as a visual feast for the eyes but also a culinary larder, waiting to be plucked and added to your plate. Edible flowers can add a burst of colour, flavour, and sophistication to dishes, easily elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary. Never eat the petals of roses bought as cut flowers, these will have been sprayed with a cocktail of pesticides, fungicides and are not suitable for eating. The same goes for any flowers, only pick blooms that you know have been grown organically either in your own garden or certified organic from the nursery, as otherwise they may be full of chemicals that you don’t wish to be consuming!

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