Fridge Freezers – August 2017 – Issue 266


The Big Freeze

From side by side and stand alone to American and French style, here’s a selection of the latest fridge freezers, packed with character, high-end functionality and, in some cases, cameras inside.

Expert Comment Kim Hepden, Category Manager Cooling, Siemens and Bosch

‘Keeping food fresher for longer is currently high on customer’s agenda and therefore they are willing to trade-up for this benefit. Wi-Fi enabled appliances such as Home Connect (available on Bosch and Siemens fridge freezers) are becoming increasingly popular and are of particular interest to younger consumers, suggesting that that technological developments are a part of the market that is poised for growth. Our cooling appliances aid food preservation so that food will stay fresher for longer. This means the consumer will need to make fewer trips to the supermarket, resulting in reduced food bills, and less food wasted due to spoilage. Appliances with either NoFrost or LowFrost require no or little defrosting making them hassle free and convenient. Food also stays fresher for longer and the appliance is more energy efficient.’

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