County Armagh Home – October 2019 – Issue 292


Calm Elegance

Situated in the beautiful countryside of the Ring of Gullion, County Armagh, this elegant family home takes full advantage of the surrounding landscape.

The challenge for architect Sarah McNulty of McNulty Smyth Associates was to design a house on a relatively small site that sympathetically let the landscape become part of the home, whilst making the most of the views and creating a building that didn’t feel like an impostion on the surrounding area. The result is an elegant storey and a half house that nestles comfortably into the landscape.

‘The site was selected for its views and location, however at the outset it was hard to tell exactly what the views were as the only dwelling was a small derelict house and the entire plot of land was completely reclaimed by nature – you couldn’t walk across the site because of dense overgrowth,’ comments Sarah. ‘Thankfully, when the clearing began, the fantastic views that we hoped for were revealed, and were particularly aparent when up on ladders at the design stage! The brief was to focus on emphasizing the beautiful countryside in which the house is located, whilst being respectful of its position in the landscape.

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