Christmas Dining – December 2018 – Issue 282


Festive Table

Create a warm, inviting and very festive dining table on Christmas day.


How to style your Christmas dining table

As well as trees, tinsel and fairy lights, Christmas is a time of year for dinner parties and celebrating over eggnog and mulled wine, which also means setting the scene with a picture perfect dining table. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares her best ideas on putting together a warm, inviting dining setting that celebrates Christmas. Go big with the table

Start with an excellent foundation: a good table. Dark wood is perennially elegant and classic – look for a sturdy table that will stand the test of time, but also has interesting details, such as a charming pedestal or trestle. And then layer on a bold, attention grabbing centrepiece – something that gives the dining room a visual focus. Rather than having décor take up space on the table, consider hanging the baubles and lights from the ceiling – this also has the effect of opening up the space, and adding a sense of airiness, height and drama. A hanging wooden branch centrepiece immediately adds character, visual texture, and festive impact to your dining room. As well as creating a subtle nod to the wild outdoors, it is also easy to craft and personalise as a fun holiday activity. Don’t forget the finer details

Get creative with unexpected prints, patterns, and colours on smaller elements like tableware and napkins. And as for colour, silver, blues and greys can lend a soft, luxe touch, while deeper hues like emerald and burgundy set the tone for a glamorous, festive meal. Neutral tones are also perfect as a background for more dramatic accent colours. Sunny shades like yellow provide a cheerful burst of creativity, while giving your space charm and personality. Simple details like rosemary and cinnamon sticks can add an organic, chic touch to napkin arrangements, while wreath chandeliers are becoming a modern go-to look. And when it comes to comfort, think elements like soft throws and even a fluffy faux fur rug for a huge boost in cosiness.

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