Belfast Home – June 2018 – Issue 276


Family Planning

Siobhan and Barrie took an existing design in Belfast and made it their own to create a contemporary home with open-plan, multi-purpose family spaces.

Siobhan and Barrie knew they had been spoiled by the period charm and space of the student house they lived in during their time at university. ‘We’d loved the old property in the leafy avenue just minutes from Belfast city centre and had decided to stay on even after we were married. Our fellow student tenants though didn’t fancy living with a ‘sensible’ married couple and decamped leaving the whole place to us which was great!’ says Siobhan. However, when young Jamie arrived six years ago and with plans for a little brother or sister for him, the couple knew it was time to make a move.

However, used to the convenience of the area they had lived in and the space of their old house, this could have been quite a challenge. ‘But not long after we started looking, we stumbled on this place and couldn’t work out why it had not been snapped up!’ says Siobhan. ‘We were blown away by the quality of this house, the natural light, finish and sense of space, the fact it offered a city location with a private garden and a unique design. It was more than half way through a major extension and refurbishment so most of the hard work had been done, yet there was still scope for us to incorporate some of our own ideas.’

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