Bangor Home – May 2018 – Issue 275


Unstoppable Force

When Peggy saw an elegant terraced house overlooking the sea, she knew it had to be hers. So with the right mindset, she went about making it happen!

Take just one step into Peggy’s home, and the dark, exotic, yet somewhat decadent colour scheme screams vitality. But it was a very different energy that led to this Edwardian terraced home in Bangor becoming home to Peggy and her partner Phil.

‘When I first saw this Edwardian terrace overlooking the water, I knew I had to have it,’ says Peggy. ‘It was love at first sight, but it was also out of our price range and I wondered if it was too good for the likes of me!’ But negativity isn’t in the vocabulary of this former teacher. ‘I’m a Law of Attraction convert, so I set about getting myself in the right mindset,’ she says. ‘I attuned myself to the house – every day I looked at the brochure pictures, and every night I visualised myself living there.’

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