Wine Cellars – May 2018 – Issue 275


Going Underground

Spiral Cellars, the UK market leader in cellaring solutions, is seeing an uplift in demand for wine rooms designed for small spaces.  As commissions for wine rooms continues to increase by 20 per cent each year, wine lovers are no longer seeing lack of space as a barrier to artful wine storage.

A spiral cellar is a modern way to have a real cellar in your home. It’s a natural underground cellar built from engineered concrete and fitted in to the ground below your home, so there’s no need to have an existing basement or cellar. It can be installed under any ground floor room and can either be fitted cleanly into a finished room, or form part of a new build house, extension or refurbishment project.

A wine cellar is the perfect solution for those that have storage issues in their home and cannot find the space to house their collection of wine. It is the perfect means of storing your wine collection, from Champagne to the finest Bordeaux, affording you the opportunity to keep your wine close to hand to drink now or to keep in ideal lay-down conditions.

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