Window Dressings – January 2018 – Issue 271


All Dressed Up!

Window dressings are an essential part in completing a home. They help with energy loss, light control and also can add a wonderful aesthetic to the rooms in your home.

How to measure for Blinds

First of all you will need to see if your window has a recess, and whether you would like your blind to sit within the recess or outside of it. If you have a deep recess, having your blinds within this space is usually best, whereas if you have a shallow recess you are better having your blinds outside.

To measure within the recess use a metal tape measure, and measure the width at three different points as you will often find the length is not consistent from top to bottom, then use the smallest measurement you take for your width. Use the same method for the length. If you are installing vertical blinds then you should reduce your length by 1cm so that the fabric will not catch. For blinds to be installed on the outside of the recess, measure across the space and add 10cm so that you will have an additional 5cm at either side, providing full coverage. For the length, choose how far you wish your blind to stop and measure from where the top fitting will be to this point.

How to measure for curtains

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