Wexford Home – November 2018 – Issue 281


Perfect Harmony

The design of this new build in Wexford cleverly combines Georgian and contemporary architecture utilising a large expanse of glazing that maximises the stunning river views.

Having spent five years searching for a site with a view of the Slaney around the Wexford area, the owners of this new build were delighted to discover this site up for auction. ‘We were actually viewing a more contemporary property on the water’s edge in nearby Crosstown with the same auctioneer who was selling the site,’ they explain.

The site consisted of two acres of heavily wooded land and an early 20th century single storey disused gate house. ‘I initially thought it might be too remote and too close to the water, but my partner fell in love with the site and was inspired by the surrounding beauty of the landscape and the ‘Wuthering Heights’ feel to it, so we were thrilled when we managed to secure the site at auction and were excited at the prospect of designing our own Georgian or neoclassic building with a contemporary twist. Undertaking a new build also allowed us future-planning for our son with special needs.’

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  1. Hi, where can I source the mirror 2 drawer dresser shown on page 78 of Wexford home. It’s photographed in main bedroom.