Wexford Home – January 2022 – Issue 317


The Modern Touch

Keen to realise their dreams Rob and Laura embarked on the huge task of building their own home on a site just outside Wexford.

Having rented for years, Laura, an insurance agent and Rob, an architectural technologist, were eager to build their own home. ‘Although each house we have lived in served a purpose and gave us so many incredible memories we were keen to have more space for our twin boys Kyle and Killian, who both wanted their own rooms, and we had always dreamt of somewhere to call our own,’ explains Laura. The site the couple decided on was directly opposite Laura’s old home, the location was perfect; not far from the town centre and only fifteen minutes away from Laura’s father. The site wasn’t actually up for sale but as Laura had grown up in the area she knew all the neighbours, ‘I was happy to approach the owner of the site to see if he wanted to sell. It had been left untouched for years, it was very overgrown so until we cleared the site it was hard to see the space that we had to work with, I didn’t even think we would fit a house on it,’ laughs Laura.

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