Westmeath Home – August 2018 – Issue 278


Lake View

Egon and Richard have transformed this formerly rundown cabin into a stylish and comfortable retreat that makes the most of the stunning lake views.

Back in 2010 when Egon inherited this wooden cabin he already had ideas on how best to maximise the idyllic setting and fantastic views of Lough Ree. ‘As a child I loved this cabin but remember thinking it was a bit dark and cramped and the windows weren’t big enough to enjoy the magical views’ says Egon.

Determined to make the most of the fantastic location, Egon and Richard could see that the connection with the outside had to be improved, so larger windows and doors were needed to bring the landscape in. ‘We wanted the place to feel cosy, warm and inviting, and make it a real home, a place you would yearn to return to and not the holiday home it had been,’ explains Egon. ‘It took a few years to carefully plan out the layout and find the right builder.’

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