Wall Coverings – April 2019 – Issue 286


Off the Wall

Make your bathroom a sanctuary within your home with this lot sure to inspire.


How you adorn the walls of your home will, to a large extent, define the décor, so it’s an important decision that will shape your home’s look and atmosphere. When we think about finishing the walls, we tend to think paint or wallpaper, but these are not our only options. In fact, there’s a wealth of creative ways to finish walls and leave them looking fabulous.

Wallpaper and paint

The simplest and most common solution for finishing your walls is plaster followed by paint or wallaper. If you decide to paint your room, before buying your paint check the colour or colours in the room you’re decorating, not in store. Colours can look very different between a paper swatch in a paint shop and an entire wall in your home. If in doubt, choose a couple of shades lighter but the best way to decide on a colour is buy three tester pots in similar shades and paint at least 60cm² onto lining paper. When dry (colours often dry a little darker) tack them up, trying them on different walls to check the effect. Another tip is always buy paints and wallpapers from the same batch. It’s better to overestimate, and return unused tins or rolls, than to mix different batches.

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