Travel Abroad – Tenerife – February 2023 – Issue 330


A Winter Warmer

While many hit the slopes at this time of year, Marty O’Neill prefers to bask in the heat of the Mediterranean island of Tenerife.

It’s right about now when the vitamin D levels have dropped, that lovely late summer glow has long faded, and your seasonal affective disorder is peaking with the lack of heat, daylight and paired with the chance of getting outside without three layers on is being unrealistic. It’s all a bit depressing isn’t it? But the nights are on the turn soon. I know this because my dad would always cheer us up with this glimmer of much needed hope and positivity in early January. You know, its always around two weeks after the festivities have faded, jeans snugger than normal and little in the social calendar. Every little helps! He was always right too. The days will very soon become brighter, longer and spring – and salads – will return in no time, so have no fear! However, in the meantime, Tenerife and the Canary Islands are calling!

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