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Kopper Kreation is an industrial homewares brand that uses reclaimed and recycled materials to create unique and eye-catching homewares.

IHIL caught up with creator and founder Emmet Bosonnet to discuss how sustainable style can fit perfectly into the home.

Tell us about the origins of Kopper Kreation?

Kopper Kreation was founded in Dublin in 2015 while I was working as an engineer in the renewable energy sector. I was working for a manufacturing company and noticed the large volume of waste material that was being sent to be recycled or to the scrap yard. I started to use some of the material to create something new and Kopper Kreation was born!

Industrial Book End Holders, €60

What is the ethos behind the company?

Sustainability is at the heart of Kopper Kreation  – we strive to use reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible. Trying to create something new from something old is key, we love to spend time at the local scrap yard sifting through the treasures that people disregard and try to create something totally unique and eye-catching. The ethos of sustainability has grown as the business has grown and is now reflected in almost every aspect from packaging to day-to-day operations.

Tell us about the design of the products?

Coming from an engineering background, I have a very analytical mind and have always been drawn to the more geometric shapes and designs. A lot of the designs come from this basis and I also take inspiration from the environment and structures around me, in particular the architectural shapes and lines in Dublin city – from the buildings to the lamp posts.

Tell us a bit about your bespoke service?

I love to create bespoke items for clients big and small, this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the business. Recently I have worked on a number of interesting projects, such as a complete bathroom pipework layout for a local upmarket restaurant, and an old copper cylinder which I turned into a water feature for a garden. I also recently turned a vintage brass head from a 1940s fire hose into a floor lamp.

Bespoke Bathroom Design

I hope to begin a workshop as soon as we get to the far side of the pandemic and the idea is that you bring your old gin or whiskey (empty of course) and we spend half a day turning it into a table lamp!

How has the company expanded over the years?

I went full time in the business in September 2018 when I opened my studio/shop in a creative community in Dublin city centre called The Chocolate Factory. I work from the space five days a week and have expanded the shop to stock some other beautifully handmade Irish products from all over the country. I have developed a fine balance in the business between online orders, bricks and motor sales in my shop, custom orders and wholesaling to some retailers throughout Ireland. I am currently working on a new range of jewellery and a range of brass lamps.

Small Square Based Copper Lamp, €110 / Spiral Copper Lamp, €150

How successful has the company been?

The feedback from customers has been fantastic and the business has really started to grow in the last few months. Late last year I attended my first big sales show called Gifted in the RDS and this was a huge success. I have has some good sales in Europe, in particular the UK, France, and Germany. There have been some lamps sent to the US and Australia also. The furthest afield a product has gone to is Argentina in South America, that was really exciting.

How has the company managed with Covid-19?

Due to Covid-19, I had to close my for three months. It reopened in July but to a very different landscape. With practically no tourists and with the vast amount of people working from home, footfall has been low and we predict this will continue for the foreseeable future. This led me to focus on my online sales and digital marketing – I’ve started to work on some more Instagram collaborations.


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How do you see Kopper Kreation developing?

I would love to see Kopper Kreation as an international design brand, I’d like to work on collaborative design projects all over the world. In the short term, I am focused on developing the business in Ireland and expanding into the European retail market. I would also like to collaborate with other talented designers, we are blessed with so many on our small island.


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