Spring Wreaths – April 2018 – Issue 274


Wild Spring Wreaths

Katie Smyth and Terri Chandler share a little patch of wild garden indoors for spring with this extract from their upcoming book, Wreaths, released in April.

Without a doubt spring is one of the most wonderful times of year. It is hard to beat that feeling you get when the flowers and trees start to bloom, and you know that there are many months ahead of being able to use all your favourite flowers. As florists, we always have to get up early, and the cold, dark winter mornings make this particularly hard. But when the season starts to change, the weather gets warmer and the days brighten it makes being up with the dawn a much nicer and easier experience.

We love the concept of a seasonal wreath: the idea that you can celebrate any season and the fact that this brings you a little closer to nature and the everchanging world around you. You can go for a walk, take a few cuttings and make a wreath that really reflects and celebrates what is growing around you.

This is a really simple project and the base can be used again and again. As the fresh flowers won’t be kept in water, it is best used for a gathering or special occasion. The upside of this is that you can make it look different every time. The willow pre-made wreath base is treated with varnish and looks attractive in its own right, so there is no need to cover the whole shape if you prefer not to.

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