September 2020 – Issue 301



There’s no doubt that during lockdown Irish homeowners tackled DIY projects head on and took a closer look at their both their interior and exterior spaces. This enthusiasm to better our homes shows no sign of slowing down as restrictions are eased and retailers have opened their doors to eager renovators and decorators with money to spend because they’ve saved on holidays, dining out, commuting to work and even childcare.

One of the rooms that has been the focus of many of these lockdown upgrades and changes over the last few months, is the family living room. So this issue we take a closer look at this hardworking space and offer advice on how to make it work for everyone in the house.

If you feel that the help of a professional is required to tackle your living room or any other room of your home, then you’ll want to read more about interior designer Kris Turnbull as well as Irish designer/maker Ronan Lowry of Design Onion. With a passion for good, functional design and high quality furnishings that stand the test of time, there’s nothing either of these two couldn’t help you achieve within your home.

There is also much inspiration to be had from our three stunning readers’ homes and our two readers’ kitchens. This issue we step inside the homes of interior designers Liz Balbirnie in Howth and Geri O’Toole in Limerick and get a closer look at the Tyrone home of Instagram influencer Elaine. Our kitchens take us to Dublin and Belfast and are two examples of making this hub of the home work as a functional, sociable space, whatever your style, classic or modern.

Food was another focus for us all during lockdown and if you are still making the effort in the kitchen then you might like to try making one of the posh tarts from our cookery pages, alternatively, if like me you’d rather eat out, then you might want to enjoy a socially distanced lunch at Fodder or a gourmet meal in one of our staycation options. Whatever your preference, enjoy and we’ll be back with more to tempt you next issue.


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