Seating – January 2019 – Issue 283


Seat up!

A selection of soft seating that is both stylish and practical.


Expert comment Alan Duffy, Michael Murphy Home Furnishing, Store Manager

When choosing a sofa it’s not a case of style versus comfort. It’s not just the recliner sofas that are classed as comfortable anymore, all sofas that we sell pass the comfort test! We’re seeing a clear trend towards more luxurious, comfy fabrics like velvet and velour. In terms of colour, it’s all about the jewel tones, deep blues and navys remain strong this season with some forest green velvets coming through in armchairs and accent chairs. When shopping for a sofa, I’d always encourage customers to try it out first. But don’t just sit on the sofa, curl up on it, wiggle, bounce and really get a feel for how the sofa will work for you. Think about the different options available; like most furniture retailers, we offer customised sofas, if you’d like something a little different to the model on display. You can choose from dozens of different colour and fabric options, you can choose different orientations on corner sofas and on some sofa models you can choose between scatter back and fixed back cushions. When you’re happy with the sofa, then double check your measurements and access route for delivery – it’s so important to double check. What might look small in a showroom might look huge when you’re struggling to fit it through your front door frame.

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