Seating – January 2018 – Issue 271


Sitting Sweet!

Create a relaxing sanctuary within your home by having comfortable seating options that suit your style and needs.

This season DFS has partnered with renowned design critic Tom Dyckhoff to help make sure that your living room is too good to leave. Tom Dyckhoff explains:

‘Humans have been hardwired over the past millennia that the home equals protection from the harsh world outside, a world raging with foul weather, fierce beasts and bad days at work. You should, in theory at least, come home to be soothed. To this day the home’s primary purpose is to be a haven of comfort and it is our most intimate place, where we let down our guard and truly be ourselves.

‘However, these days, our home is becoming less of a retreat from the outside forces. Thanks to smartphones, Wi-Fi, Instagram and email, our home too often is less a retreat, more an extension of the office, and we must defend its ancient role as a place of sanctuary. Working with DFS, we’ve been able to create a space that takes design, senses and mood into account to create the ultimate, most comfortable, living space to really allow you to be soothed.’

Tom’s top tips to create a living space which all make your home too good to go out:

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