Reader’s Kitchen – May 2023 – Issue 333


A Class Act

This busy family of four needed a functional kitchen design that would make a real statement in their Co. Armagh home.

When these owners were building their home ten years ago they had high hopes everything would turn out exactly as they wanted. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case with the kitchen and they’ve spent the last few years waiting to renovate it. ‘I wouldn’t point fingers and I’d say it was as much our fault as it was anyone’s because at that stage we were at the end of our tether with the house build and didn’t pay enough attention to the kitchen,’ explains the owner. ‘It took so long to put in and really dragged on for months. While the guy was a great craftsman he wasn’t a designer and it lacked those careful considerations that make a kitchen function. It never felt fully finished and wasn’t enjoyable to work in.’

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