Reader’s Kitchen 1 – July 2024 – Issue 347


Refined Elegance

In Donnybrook, Dublin, Elizabeth’s turn-of-the-century Victorian house underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, concluding with a kitchen that complements the period of the original architecture yet achieves a fresh, modern feel with a sophisticated ambience, thanks to the design and craftsmanship of Kerwood Design.

This beautiful home on the south side of the city, acquired by Elizabeth in February 2021, is a reflection of her discerning taste, and now, with a new kitchen in place, it has ultimately transformed into a bespoke haven thanks to the collaborative efforts of architect Emmet Duggan and designer Ben Kerrigan of Kerwood Design. The journey started with a house burdened by outdated features – a galley kitchen and three separate rooms. Undeterred, Elizabeth envisioned an open-plan layout, removing dividing walls and widening openings under the guidance of architect Emmet Duggan. The result was a spacious, sun-drenched expanse, blending the kitchen, dining, and sunroom into a real mix of modern living and entertaining.

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