Reader Kitchen – Lisburn – March 2020 – Issue 297


The Wow Factor

Kevin and Elaine knew that their new kitchen in their Lisburn extension had to be different and have the wow factor. After admiring Robinson Interiors kitchens from their showroom window, the couple knew they would create a stunning and contemporary space that is functional and stylish.

We had a beautiful kitchen before, it was white gloss with black granite worktops but it had a few downsides,’ explains Elaine. ‘Firstly it didn’t have enough seating and secondly the appliances were not well laid out. It was an awkward kitchen to work in. When we were putting on an extension on our house, Kevin happened to see a kitchen in Robinson Interiors showroom, fell in love with it and suddenly we were having a new kitchen! I didn’t know any of this was happening until Kevin and designer Mark Robinson had already had a few meetings. It was pretty much a done deal by the time I was taken to see the show kitchen which luckily I loved.’ As this was an extension of the couple’s home, the whole room was taken apart and extended in length, width and height. The room was designed with a very dramatic height difference from the kitchen to the living room which mirrors Kevin’s favourite feature of the kitchen, the breakfast bar. The kitchen has been made a lot bigger with a large living area which works perfectly for them.

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