Rathmines Home – January 2024 – Issue 341


Victorian Charm Reimagined

In the world of interior design, there are moments when a project unfolds with a unique blend of creativity and client collaboration. Such is the case with this stunning home transformation in Rathmines, designed by talented artist and designer, Freda Stack of Lifebydesign.ie

Freda was able to respond to the many aesthetic needs of this home renovation resided by a couple. ‘The homeowners had an idea of what they wanted initially,’ she begins. ‘They wanted someone to help with colours, and they had experience of refurbishments and renovations but they hit a brick wall with this property and asked for help.’ However, as the project progressed, it became apparent that this was not just a simple colour consultation. It was a substantial endeavour to transform a Victorian house into a contemporary haven while preserving its elegance and charm. ‘They knew they wanted a contemporary living space but in keeping with the Victorian style and elegance,’ Freda continues. ‘They wanted more natural light – so we introduced a skylight in the hall, and patio doors at the back. It was important too that it was an energy-efficient home, and the owners had contacted House to Home with reference to that.’

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