Portaferry Home – June 2017 – Issue 264


Creature Comforts

Lesley and Lindsay longed to be back in the countryside when they happened across the perfect site in Portaferry with plans already in place. They knew instantly it was perfect for them.

Having grown up on a farm, Lesley felt a long way from home living in the new development she and husband, Lindsay had moved to. ‘The house was great and the area was fine but I longed to be back in the countryside – not least so we had room for our ever-growing furry family of rescue animals!’ says Lesley. ‘We were scouring the property websites and came across this half-acre site with plans already approved for a four bedroomed home. Of course, when we first viewed it, it was just a site but it was perfect! The plans showed lots of space inside, a south-facing garden (for when we would eventually get around to creating it!) and it was up a lane, so plenty of privacy. I’m involved with greyhound rescue, Almost Home Greyhound Rescue Northern Ireland, so I wanted the space to be able to foster dogs from time to time and this spot offered it all.

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