Perfect Your Outdoor Space


Let’s perfect your outdoor space. Decorating the exterior of your home not only weatherproofs and protects your home, but it’s also a great opportunity to add design personality to your outdoor space, which is often left as an afterthought once the interior is completed.

Outdoor Palette

Perfect you outdoor space

Wall, Cool Arbour 232 in Intelligent Masonry Paint.

As part of Little Greene’s range of long-lasting, hard-wearing exterior paints, its ‘Intelligent Masonry Paint’ is water-resistant, with advanced adhesive properties and a tough film, giving it protection against the elements. It’s designed to last up to 15 years on exterior walls before repainting is required and is dirt and water-resistant, containing anti-fungal and anti-ageing technology, giving peace of mind for proud homeowners looking to protect and weatherproof their home, whilst transforming their exterior with colour. Available in almost all Little Greene colours, it gives homeowners the opportunity to reflect their interior design personality and style on their exterior too. Whether it be extending the use of colours from an interior scheme, choosing colours to complement an existing window or front door, or creating a brand new exterior design scheme from scratch using the Little Greene palette, the new Intelligent Masonry Paint gives customers the tools to create long-lasting, beautifully considered exterior transformations that add instant kerb appeal.


Alfresco Dining

Our outdoor spaces are an extension of the home, a place in which you can open the doors to the outside world and enjoy a coffee, read a newspaper, prepare an alfresco meal, or indulge in an aperitif. Caesarstone’s new outdoor quartz surfaces provide the answer to every homeowner’s desire to cook, dine and entertain from the comforts of their own garden. The collection itself comprises three brand new designs, 515 Palm Shade, the classic look of white marble with subtle warm veining, 405 Midday, a white concrete look to complement tiling, stone, or decking, and 406 Clearskies, a pale grey concrete design perfect for contemporary gardens. Be it a fully equipped outdoor kitchen in a country garden or a sleek BBQ station, however, you imagine your dream outdoor space, Caesarstone’s outdoor collection will bring your vision to life.


Perfect Patio

Perfect your outdoor space

Colwell sofa set from

A garden patio makes for a wonderful and welcoming outdoor living space, throughout the summer months and beyond. Even into winter, the right garden design can prove invaluable, with a patio providing a weatherproof space to gather around a fire pit. They require little maintenance and therefore become more of a preferred choice. From polished concrete to stone slabs there’s a choice for every style.

Get the size right:

When it comes to designing your outdoor space the first thing to do is decide exactly what you want out there in the available space. For an outdoor place where you can welcome your friends and family, seating is one of the most important things to consider so before investing in your garden furniture ensure your patio is large enough to accommodate the dining and/or casual eating for your guests.

Zone your garden:

A multi-zoned garden design uses different materials to give the space a clear distinction between its dedicated areas. A decking area for a busy social space, a tiled patio to signify a chill-out zone and artificial grass lawns for fun and games.

Raised flowerbeds:

If you only have a small garden, swap grass for a patio to create the perfect area for al fresco dining. Raised flower beds surrounding the patio are a clever way to add a splash of colour, that will make you feel like you’re dining in the middle of a meadow. Paint the walls of the planters white to attract light, helping to make the space feel bigger.

Extend the indoor space:

Create a patio garden that looks nothing like your traditional idea of a patio garden! Rollback the doors from your kitchen/dining area and increase space with a seamlessly adjoining exterior space beyond; make the tiles match up perfectly to create a fluid dining area. You could move the table and chairs out easily for fuss-free and family-friendly weekend meals.


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