October 2017 – Issue 268

Autumn has arrived, and with the days turning colder and halloween just around the corner, our October issue is packed with warmth, spookiness and seasonal trends.

We look at all the ways to heat our homes, with some of the latest fireplaces, stoves and radiators, with some new styles and finishes – meaning heating your home doesn’t have to be boring! Take a look at some of the latest sanitary ware in our bathroom feature, with bathrooms being the second most renovated room in the home it is always worth keeping an eye on what’s new. With a new season comes new trends, and so we take a look at what colours, textures and finishes are making their way into our homes, with some you might expect and some surprises. Move over hygge and make way for the new concept of wabi-sabi, which you can learn all about in our trends pages and get ahead of the game. We realise that not everything can be bought in a shop, so we also take a look at architectural joinery to inspire you to look at bespoke services to complete your home in the exact way you want and need. Lastly for our main features, we bring you the latest in cooking technology, with hobs, range cookers and ovens showcased with expert comments on what’s hot!

We know you are going to love our reader’s homes; we visit Graham and Emma’s stunning transformation in Belfast, where they have turned a ‘house of horrors’ into an elegant and practical home. Onwards to Dublin, Katrina’s home was gutted before being lovingly renovated and decorated with lots of quirky vintage pieces, and up-cycled delights throughout! Stephen and Michele bring in some old and new to create a completely unique look in their stunning coach house in Waterford. Our reader’s kitchen is Katherine and John’s beautiful, contemporary design by Wrights Design House; they wanted something modern and stylish to suit the space.

On to our issue regulars, Deirdre gives us tips on how to grow in the garden for free, we check out spooky spots around Ireland in time for Halloween and further afield we explore Salem, Massachusetts in time for the witch trials! Our cookery pages share three yummy recipes from Jamie Oliver’s brand new cook book, 5 Ingredients for you to try at home.

Finally, if you or someone you know has a home that you would like to see featured in the magazine, contact editorial on 028 9147 3979 or editorial@ihil.net


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