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Tríona McKee is an emergency department nurse and busy mum to three children Amelia, Harry and Charlotte.

Having lived in London for many years, Tríona, who is from Kerry originally, returned to Ireland and settled in her husband Paul’s home town of Kilkenny, where they bought a site and commenced the build on their home. The end result is a beautiful family home which Tríona shares with her followers on her instagram @cheringtonhouse. Here we ask Tríona about the room she most enjoys in her home.


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Tríona, why is your sunroom your favourite room?

My husband Paul designed our home. It is a storey and a half detached home which suits the surrounding area. We had originally wanted to build a Georgian-inspired house, but it just didn’t fit in, so instead we took so much inspiration from period properties and homes and much of this can be seen within this space. Also I love that the sunroom is sunk down to separate it from the rest of open-plan space, yet it’s also the one area that you see from every part of the wider space. It’s such a hub of our home and our open-plan living; in the winter it’s a cosy, compact space that lets in so much light and then in the summer months it’s great to be in here with the French doors opening out into the surrounding garden.

Do you have a favourite detail in this space?

Our sliding sash windows and replica Victorian French doors that lead out onto our patio are my favourite pieces in this room. Paul and I designed these with a local window company and the period style, which we are familiar with from living in Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh and London, is an example of how these influences can be seen throughout our home. They really add character to the whole space and I’m so pleased we took the time to get them exactly the way we wanted them.

Is there anything you would like to change in this room?

If I could change anything it would be to have built our windows with splayed reveals around the windows. However, it was an afterthought and unfortunately it was too late in our build to change the block work, which needs to be cut at an angle, around the windows. However, this is a small detail that no one except me will ever be annoyed about!

How does this room reflect your personal style?

I grew up by the sea in Kerry and love those earthy seaside colours and this room is very much reflective of that with its neutral décor and added accessories of blue hues. It’s very much a New England inspired style and its timeless style is one that never dates and I will always like.

Do you have any advice for anyone creating a similar space?

I think you need to ensure you’re creating a space that works for you and your family. There’s no point in having a room that just looks good, you have to be able to relax and enjoy spending time in it everyday. Before you start any build, renovation or decorative project, do your research in order to avoid any disappointment. Interior magazines, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as your own personal experiences will all be able to inspire you and help you achieve the desired result. 

See more of Tríona’s home @cheringtonhouse and listen out for Triona’s own My Favourite Room podcast.


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