Meath Home – April 2016 – Issue 250


Changing Rooms

Lila and Eamon turned a rundown property in Co. Meath into bright, inviting family home.

Lila did not want to buy this house at all. Viewing it in 1999, when she and husband Eamonn decided to make the move from Dublin to Trim, Co. Meath, she was definitely not impressed. ‘The garden outside was completely overgrown, Eamonn disappeared into the undergrowth and didn’t reappear for about half an hour, so I had plenty of time to view the horrid carpets and wallpaper, the single antiquated socket per room, the beauty board repairs and general air of damp and dereliction. ‘Ugh’, I thought, ‘we’re definitely not buying this one!’ Then Eamonn finally returned from the riot of shrubbery outside. ‘This is it’, he said. ‘We’re buying this one.’

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