Maximise Your Living Space


The growing trend for porcelain paving allows for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, maximising your available living space. We spoke to the experts at Armatile to find out more.

Maximise Your Living Space

Armapave by Armatile – Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor – Duplex Cementi Marfil 60x120x2cm pavers and 45x90cm tiles. Price on request.

Outdoor Living

Maximising outdoor areas to increase the size of usable living space came rushing into focus during 2020 and will continue apace over the next year. With travel restricted and holidays very much on hold people are instead investing in their homes, adding extensions, and opening up their living spaces with bi-folding doors onto new beautifully landscaped gardens. This has opened up new possibilities for home design and generated an inside-outside garden trend all about creating flow and harmony from your inside space to your outdoor areas, so one naturally extends into the other. This makes the patio and garden feel like a natural extension of the home, unifying indoor and outdoor living areas to make both spaces feel bigger and more open while strengthening the visual appeal of your property as a whole.

A Seamless Transition

The development of technically superior 2cm porcelain pavers that look exactly like internal tiles strengthens this ability to create this look of a seamless transition from indoor to your adjoining outdoor living spaces. By co-ordinating your 10mm indoor tiles with matching 20mm outdoor paving slabs you will automatically increase living spaces without interrupting the flow of the surfaces while simultaneously creating additional entertainment areas for family and friends. While the move to using porcelain both inside and outside is still relatively new in Ireland it’s rapidly becoming the consumers’ product of choice. They are quickly realising that porcelain paving slabs are not only high-end quality products with a great finish but they also offer so many long term benefits.

Maximise Your Living Space

Armapave by Armatile – California Honey wood effect porcelain paving planks. Price on request.

Why Choose Porcelain?

It doesn’t stain, is highly robust, is frost-proof and is extremely slip-resistant underfoot. For example, oil leaking from a barbeque or a spilt glass of red wine would stain most natural paving but with porcelain, the liquid remains on the surface to be wiped clean. With superior technical properties, robust outdoor porcelain can withstand inclement weather, heavy-duty foot traffic, and temperature changes and remain easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to budgets, the price of porcelain is not adding any significant extra cost in comparison to traditional other paving options – the only issue for the customer will be choosing from the huge range of colours, sizes, designs and styles!

Maximise Your Living Space

Armapave by Armatile – Decorative porcelain paving slabs. price on request.

Once installed and in use, porcelain paving is virtually maintenance-free:

  • Very Hardwearing
  • Extremely Low Maintenance                                                                                                                    
  • Continuously Looks Great
  • Highly Slip Resistant
  • Offers a Huge Choice of Styles

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