Limavady Home – July 2018 – Issue 277


Home Farm

Kim and Derek’s new build extension, anchored to an old stone barn near Limavady, maximises views of the Irish countryside.

Growing up on the family farm in County Londonderry, Derek took for granted the beautiful Northern Ireland countryside around him. It was only after he left home he realised how fortunate he was to have such a stunning setting at his disposal. ‘I think you need a bit of distance sometimes to appreciate what’s been under your nose!’ says his wife Kim. The farm had been in the family for generations but, with ambitions to be an architect, it looked like Derek might not carry on the rural tradition. However, with skill and style he and Kim have managed to put their own unique, 21st century architectural stamp on this chapter of the family history.

‘I think every architect wants to design their own home at some stage and we had the luxury of having a ready-made site on family land. We already had a family home in Belfast but we thought it would be great to have a holiday home where we and the children could stay when we came to visit Derek’s mum, Mary who lives nearby. It would also be an investment as we rent it out when we aren’t there,’ says Kim.

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