Lighting – November 2017 – Issue 269


Light the Way

With each room in our home serving a different purpose, our lighting needs also differ. From pendant and task lighting to lamps and cupboard lighting, we have you covered.

Living rooms

Your lighting scheme in the living room should be relatively flexible, which allows you the freedom of moving furniture around if you please. All kinds of lighting can be used in this room of the home, with accent lighting working very well to highlight pictures, ornaments, book shelves or any other statement piece.

Pendant or track lighting can work well in the living room, and you can change up your fixtures to keep in with the scheme of the room. Lamps, both table and floor, can be used as task lighting, or dotted around the edges of the room making the room feel spacious but cosy. You can also create a reading nook with the use of a floor lamp beside an armchair, meaning you can read while other family members watch the TV.

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