Kitchen Design – May 2022 – Issue 321


Meeting The Brief

Working with earthy tones and mid-century pieces, interior designer Geri O’Toole has created a timeless, elegant open-plan kitchen for her clients.

Interior designer Geri O’Toole of Geri Designs was approached by her clients at the planning stage of their new kitchen extension. As she explains, ‘They were looking for a design that would work for them as a family of six. This is a busy household and they needed a functional space that worked for all of them, whether cooking, dining or relaxing. I opted for an earthy colour palette that complements the beautiful colours of the garden, which is easily accessed through the glazed doors. Both exterior and interior spaces should be cohesive and the colour scheme and use of foliage help to achieve this. The kitchen itself is a timeless style and this set the tone for the rest of the space where I have mixed and matched classic and contemporary elements.’

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