Kitchen Appliances – October 2016 – Issue 256


Kitchen Appliances

Things are Cookin’ Up!

We all need our trusty cooking appliances to make our kitchen the functional place it should be. From ovens, hobs and range cookers, we bring you a selection of the latest on the market.

EXPERT COMMENT – David Thacker, Marketing Manager, Rangemaster.

‘We are conscious of the appeal of pyroclean and of the greater customer awareness of the technology so we judged it important to include a pyro oven in our new built-in collection which has just been launched. One of the drawbacks with pyro is that the cavity is slightly smaller because of the need for additional insulation but our new model is a full 73 litres. Other functions include a TFT control screen, rapid response, soft close quadruple glazed door and ten functions making this a very sophisticated offer. It is competitively priced too at around £549.

Pyro ovens have come down in price now from the very top end of the market to the middle, making the technology accessible to a wider customer base. Rangemaster is one of very few companies to offer pyroclean on a range cooker. It is available on the Professional FXP which also features an energy saving oven divider that can be used to reduce the size of the large single cavity.

Is there a drawback to pyro? The only obvious one is that chrome shelves and rack sides have to be removed as they can be damaged during the cleaning process.’

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