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Keep your kitchen cool with this selection of the latest fridge freezers.


The Chest Freezer comeback

Perhaps considered old fashioned by some, kitchen appliance manufacturer, Hoover, claims that more and more people are using chest freezers to supplement main freezer space and have announced the launch of some new models. It turns out they could be just the answer to all of our (freezing) problems!

Have you ever found yourself emptying your freezer drawers, spending a long time reorganising them to fit just one leftover meal in? Or chucking half of your weekly food shop in the bin because it’s reaching its sell-by date and you simply have no space for it in your freezer? Well, here’s a few reasons why the chest freezer is the unsung King of cooling…

Storage a-plenty:

A chest freezer offers ample storage as every single part of its interior is usable, making it ideal for those of you that always have a bit of food going spare at the end of a meal, or if you’re a fan of batch-cooking. Its generous capacity also allows you to store items of all shapes and sizes, such as a joint of meat or big bags of ice cubes.

Waste not, want not:

Pretty much everything can be frozen, from fruit and veg, to bread, cake and even wine. It’s likely you’ve binned all of these items before, completely unaware that they can be frozen, or perhaps because you ‘have no space in your freezer’ – with a chest freezer, that excuse is simply not valid. Leftover wine? Pour it into some ice cube trays and pop it in the freezer for when you’re next cooking a risotto or a spag bol. Whatever’s left in your fridge, check if it can be frozen either on the packaging or online and get it stored.

Tick, tock:

Anything that can save time and money shouldn’t be overlooked. When busy family life takes hold, it’s all too easy to forget half your shopping list at the supermarket and consequently find yourself doing several top-up shops a week. Well, the capacity of a chest freezer means you could perhaps get away with one big shop a fortnight – stock up on all the staples – meat, veg, potatoes – and have them in the freezer ready for when you and your family need them. Not only does this save you precious time, it could also save you some serious pennies as those top-up shops soon add up.

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