Kilkenny Home – April 2024 – Issue 344


Heritage Retreat

A stunning 18th-century Kilkenny property that has been within the Walshe family for decades has been lovingly restored and beautifully reinvented to be enjoyed by Derek, his wife Seona and their children.

Mountrothe House has a history that delves beyond the Walshe family. Its remarkable timeline is a story of the who’s who of Irish history during monumental moments in our backstory. Originally owned by Richard Rothe who built the property between 1765 and 1770 it came into the hands of the Walshes in 1936. Before that, it was a focal point for many instrumental figures in the Irish War of Independence in the area as documented in military files and more. Richard Rothe is the first recorded owner. The Rothes, primarily merchants and secondarily political figures, comprised about 10 influential families that held sway over Kilkenny. Their roles extended to positions such as high sheriff and mayor, solidifying their influence over the town.

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