Heating – October 2018 – Issue 280


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Turn up the heat this autumn with these stylish heating options.


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Dave Saunders, Special Projects Engineer, Stovax Wood is one of the most eco-friendly fuels that can be used. The natural cycle of planting and harvesting trees has created a sustainable process that will provide renewable carbon neutral wood fuel far into the future. Burning wood cleanly releases about the same amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the next harvest of trees will absorb. A woodstove ticks all the energy efficiency and carbon saving boxes – the average efficiency of a modern efficient stove is in excess of 70 per cent, with the more efficient stoves achieving 80 per cent plus. An SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove gives you the choice to reduce your carbon footprint even more. These stoves are the cleanest burning on the market, reducing emissions to a minimum and complying with future 2022 emissions standards ahead of schedule.

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