Heating – October 2017 – Issue 268


Fire Starter

As we move into the colder months we all want our homes to be warm and cosy, so let’s take a look at a range of the best heating solutions, from fireplaces and stoves to radiators and accessories.



Phil Wood, Contura Country Manager UK & Ireland

‘Whether you’re going for a modern, sleek interior or a more rustic, country look, a wood burning stove will serve to both heat your home and work as a piece of ‘hot furniture’ to enhance your living space.

When choosing your stove, you’ll need to consider the styles that will complement the room, as well as the appropriate size and heat output to ensure the wood burner effectively heats the space.

To work out where to place your stove, think about how you can make the stove a statement feature and how to maximise the view of the fire, as well where you’ll most benefit from the warmth. Whilst a number of stoves can be inserted into an existing fireplace or chimney breast, freestanding stoves can be placed anywhere in a room, so long as a chimney and flue can be installed from the back or top of the unit. For awkwardly shaped or smaller rooms, choose a stove with a flat back that will fit nicely against a wall, or one with curved sides to sit nicely in a corner.

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