Gardening – Trees – November 2016 – Issue 257


Branching Out By Deirdre Prince

Tree-hugging has given tree lovers a bad name, but what’s wrong with lavishing love to our trees? They are the stalwarts of the gardens, providing structure, shade and focus in our outdoor spaces, whether it is a small back garden or a vast parkland setting.

I’m fortunate enough to have a few trees in my garden and I am constantly in awe of their ever-changing colours throughout the seasons. When the new leaves are emerging, they are delicate and dainty, almost jewel like. As the seasons progress, the buds transform into lush, glossy, verdant leaves, offering protection and shade from the sun in summer. Then comes my favourite season of all, autumn, when they put on their best displays, their final dazzling performance before they lose their leaves for winter.

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