Gardening – September 2019 – Issue 291


Trees for Bees

Providing food for bees in the summer months is relatively easy. When spring and summer flowers bloom, the bees have no trouble finding food but during the winter months, it’s not so easy. However, there are some trees which flower during the late winter and early spring which will sustain bees during these leaner months. If you are considering planting a tree in your garden, pick something that will bloom when all other flowers are out of bloom, knowing that you are also doing your bit for the bees.

All bees forage on a mixture of both flowering plants and trees. Ornamental cherry trees provide spring flowers in all shades and forms, but the best flowers for bees are the single or semi-double flowering forms as the double flowering varieties are not great for bees as they are not able to reach the valuable nectar. Flowering trees are especially useful in late winter and early spring, providing pollen for bees, when all other plants are not flowering.

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