Gardening – October 2016 – Issue 256


Turning Up the Heat By Deirdre Prince

In the month of October, it can seem that the garden is lacking interest and we are less inclined to step foot out into the cold winter air, but there are many ways to inject some heat into your outdoor spaces to entice you outside advises Deirdre Prince.

I am a bit of a cold creature myself and I shy away from sitting outside if the weather is chilly but there is something so addictive about sitting out around a fire in the evening, that I am nearly always convinced to brave the cold night time air once there is a flicker of a flame. Maybe it is because it is reminiscent of our caveman days when all we had was a campfire for heat but there is something very comforting about watching an open log fire blaze in the dark night. It evokes an air of mystery and brings out the storyteller in us all.

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