Gardening – March 2019 – Issue 285


Early Bloomers

Early spring is a wonderful time for the garden, with lots of plants and flowers just waiting to burst forth into bloom.

Many of these unassuming bulbs are buried under the ground for most of the year, neglected and forgotten, quietly biding their time during the winter months, waiting for their moment in the spotlight, when we least expect them and when we need them the most. Deirdre’s Favourite plants for Blooming in Early Spring.

Anemone blanda – Wood Anemone

This herbaceous perennial forms a carpet of delicate white and purple flowers from early March for about six weeks. Every year, I completely forget that I have them planted in my garden until suddenly I see a glow of purple and white under the trees. They prefer partial shade and once planted, they will perform their magic discreetly every spring.

Galanthus nivalis – Snowdrop

Growing to about 15cm, these beautiful white, bell-shaped flowers are one of the first plants to bloom every spring. They thrive in partial shade in moist, fertile soil and they are a beautiful site to see after a long, cold winter, welcoming the beginning of spring.

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